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My name is Arek Pietrzyk and I am pleased to welcome you to my website.

I am professional Web Developer with 17+ years experience in all aspects of Web Projects development and 19+ years experience with Computer Hardware/Software.

For last 12+ years I have worked as freelancer/remote team member on many different projects combining my skills and passion, being a part of projects for different companies and start-ups in CEE.

Unusually for a person related to the IT industry, I rarely drink coffee. But when I drink coffee, I appreciate the well-burnt grains from a good source.

It is the opposite with tea. I love to drink tea, but it must be very good quality. Once I tried Richmont, and I fell in love. Not only in taste, but also in their teapots.

Now, using my access to the manufacturer, I can provide this taste for you. Yes, I know, it has nothing to do with IT, so why do I sell tea? Because it is really good and you should also try it!

Go to this website (EN), check the offer and contact me to complete the order ;-)

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Contact with me if you are interested in cooperation or you just want to meet for cup of coffee or Jameson shot.

(+48) 509 80 23 32

Please, respect my privacy and do not include my contact details on any marketing lists or in "one time" marketing actions. I published those ways of contact me to simplify individual, direct contact. Not to give you another contact row in your database.