My name is Arek Pietrzyk and I am pleased to welcome you to my website!

I am addicted to technology, with a solid understanding of cross-team topics - between technology and others (business, marketing, accounting, compliance ...).

Recently I heard that I`m a Tech guy who is able to speak with humans. I never thought like that about myself, but now I can agree with that 100%. I have the skills to talk about technology in simple words.

I see problems coming before they happen. I analyze two steps forward at least.
I care about details. Sometimes too much, but always with the customer-first approach ;-)
When I decide to be involved in something, I`m dedicated to that completely. When I start working with a new customer, first I`m trying to understand every aspect of its business - especially related to the project I`m hired to, but knowledge about "things around" is also very useful and important to make good decisions.

As a hobby, I like the IoT stuff. Previously it was called just "electronics", but these days everything needs to have a fancy name ;-)

During the last dozen years I was implementing Payment Gateways and I was building systems related to financial billings for goods and services offered by my customers.
I was always curious about "the other side" of Payments, but there was no opportunity to take a closer look.
Recently, I was involved in projects related to that, and I must say Im passionate about it. Regulated market, processing of payments, cards manufacturing ... after long years doing "the same stuff" I felt adrenaline again and hunger of learning new things!

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